At NQ Roc we teach a wide variety of dances so there is something for everyone. Classes are $12 per person per night. Courses run in 5 or 6 week cycles, beginners welcome 1st and 2nd week. Pay as you go, no up front costs. Wear anything comfortable, leather soled shoes preferred. Please find some information on the dance styles we teach below.

Rock n Roll

Originated in the early 20's 30's in America. Derived from several different cultures. Originated from many different forms and factions. Exponents of the craft were at the time were considered rebellious, troublesome, and in a sense liberated from the norm. Rock n Roll came to Australia in the early forties by the American Military (GI's). Suddenly dance halls sprung up in disused recreation centres, clubs and pubs. Anywhere where there was a good dance floor. At that time and currently there are several different styles. Boogie Woogie, Doo Wop, Rockabilly, Jazz and a multitude of others. Now dance teachers teach mostly a two, four, six or eight step style with a back step. Some use a rock step or hesitation step. Music is always to a 8 beat cord and is quite distinctive from other music. In fact if it hasn't got a beat it's very difficult to dance. Mostly all modern head banging music is unsuitable for Rock n Roll dancing.

Personally I teach the 8 step. It lends itself to more variations in moves and is more invigorating once mastered. It is fast, furious and fun. It's good for fitness, interactive, social and a whole lot of Fun. In the process of teaching partners are rotated so as everyone gets to dance with everyone, regardless of age race or religion. In my opinion Rock n Roll will never die and I'll do my best to ensure that it doesn't.


It is supposed to be casual. Courteous is a virtue and favoured advantage. It is quick and easy to learn. Requires minimal equipment, expense and time. Rock n Roll is not an exact science. Close enough to perfect is good enough. No one will ever tell you, you can't dance or have two left feet. After a six week cycle you should know enough to grace the floor. Simply, the more classes you do the better you get.


Pub Jive

Traditionally only one style where ever you go. Based on the Ballroom style. The basic step involves ten steps to a eight beat cord. Starts and ends with a back step. The basic step involves three lots of ten steps. Once you mater the basics then the variations of moves are unending. Music is very similar to Rock n Roll but usually a bit slower although again fast and furious for those that can. The moves are interwoven with the Rock n Roll style steps but the basics are always Back Step, Triple step, Triple Step and ending with a Back Step. Traditionally more graceful and tactical but again Fun, Social and Interactive.


Latin Line Dance

Simply it's Line Dancing or BootScootin but to Latin Music. From my perspective the Music makes the Dance. Done to a four/eight count. There is now literally thousands of Line Dances on the Internet. About twelve thousand when I last looked and rising fast. Steps range from very simple to complex configurations. It is interesting to note that Latin Line Dancing is now a mandatory education curriculum subject in Canada. Shame it can't be introduced in Australia as Sport and Dancing is fast becoming a forgotten and neglected area in our every day lives.


Never too early to start


Never too late to stop


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If you need information please don't hesitate to call Les or Carole on
0411 360 694 or (07) 4095 5020