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NQ Roc is the most fun you will have standing up!

It's all about good times, fun and fitness










Dance Classes are held at the Atherton International Club.
The Classes run in Six Week Cycles.

Social Dances as well as Rock and Roll taught - come along!

0411 360 694


Wednesday Classes
Cycle commences Wednesday 14th January 2015 - 7.30pm at the AIC
Jive Beginners plus partner dancing etc etc


Every Friday Night - 7.00pm  - Atherton International Club - DANCE
Socialise and put into practice what we have taught/learnt during class.
It is a great opportunity to practice your dance steps



If you need information please don't hesitate to call Les or Carole on
0411 360 694 or (07) 4095 5020


NQ Roc Embroidered Dance Shirts in stock - $30.00 each
(Carole sourced a new embroiderer, hence the cheaper pricing!)

Mens Black/White qty 2 Medium, Qty 4 large, qty 3 3xl, qty 3 5xl.
Ladies Black/White qty 2 size 10, qty 2 size 12, qty 2 size 14, qty 2 size 16.
Ladies Pink/White qty 2 size 10, qty 2 size 12, qty 2 size 14, qty 2 size 16.


Jive Practice


More Practice


St Joseph's Primary School Fund Raiser


Learn to Dance - its easy!





Rock n Roll
Originated in the early 20's 30's in America.
Derived from several different cultures.


Pub Jive
Traditionally only one style where ever you go.
Based on the Ballroom style.


Latin Line Dance
Simply it's Line Dancing or BootScootin
 but to Latin Music


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